Thursday, January 29, 2015


Dear Family and friends!!!!!!

You made it! The next milestone of missing a missionary is the 2 month mark, then the 4 month mark, and by 6 months you wont even hardly miss me! I'm so proud of you all! 

My branch president said we arent allowed to send pictures, so no pictures till i get to the field i guess. :'( Sorry! But exact obedience!

My clothes and shoes and everything are great! You outfitted me well!! 

The MTC feels like its own little world its weird, but good cause I cant see BYU so I dont miss it too much! I'm staying in the same bulidngs as you did I think. Theyre a bit updated but im pretty sure the showers have been there for 30 years, they're 70s yellow! And we cleaned them, with foam guns just like dad said!

This week flew by!!! So crazy! Russian is coming! Im getting better at making my own sentences, I just need more vocab! My teachers are great and they are my investigators! (My investigator from last week ,suddenly dropped us, because SURPRISE hes actually my teacher! They play people they knew on their missions and I was teaching one who was a babushka this week and we weren't getting anywhere with her really ( she has been coming to church for 20 years but doesnt think she needs to be baptized again) but i let the spirit guide me and told her that God loved her and we loved her and it was completely true! I loved her so much! After just meeting her! My other teacher, her bro called her the day before and said he didnt know if the Book of Mormon  was true or if he wanted to go on a mission, so we took turns "teaching" him. This was real time, someone's salvation on the line and I was so desperate to help him to know! To be happy! To know that God loves him and the Church is true! I can't wait to be teaching real people! But I can cause I can't say a whole lot! Our lessons are funny, they are a few sentences with alot of phrases and words+hand gestures/pictures/having the investigator read. haha! But its coming crazy fast! And so is my spiritual knowledge!

Im getting pretty good at volley ball (gym time) 
As of Monday we will be the oldest (time wise ) sisters in the zone- at 3 weeks! The other sisters are leaving then

Sister brown is way fun and we get along so well! Her southern accent is rubbing off on me though! AH! Its way cool to be able to help and love her everyday

Funny story: I wore my downeast dress backwards all day saunday and i couldnt even tell nor could anyone else! Haha! Da is Russian for yes, so a non russian sister was asking me who I was and I said sister tolley and she said "sister tolley?" I said "da" she said "oh sister tolleyda?" "Neit Neit!" haha! 

I love you all!! LOVE everyone and you will want to share the Gospel with them!! 
I am so happy to be here serving called of God to be His representative! Think this week how you can be a better represenative of Christ. 3 Nephi 5:13 (i think)

I miss and love you all so much!
Love Sister NAtalia Tolley

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