Thursday, February 12, 2015

Week 4

Only 5 more weeks till I get out of here! I love the MTC, it's a needed refuge, but I am getting a bit of cabin fever... I can't wait to get out and teach people! My Russian needs me to stay here though. haha!
The Church is true! This week Leda said she wanted to be baptized!  It was so awesome!! So then we had to teach her the law of chastity because she's living with her boy friend, but we forgot to tell her she can't live with him anymore... whoops! But she agreed to live the law of chastity... haha! I asked another investigator how his Restoration was instead of how his Sunday was... (Russian translation problems). The Russian is really coming though! There are 6 cases and every word has to be in a case. So that's hard changing them all the time but I'm starting to get it, And just my lack of vocabulary is hard, but it's coming! Through God all things are possible! I'm just glad I don't have to learn Tongan too (I had a dream the prophet asked me to learn both languages and it felt really real, I was soo stressed when I woke up!) 
There is an Elder here from Syria! His story is amazing, his parents have endured a lot of persecution.  There are also missionaries in Pakistan! (I'm pretty sure they are Pakistani..)But still! Can you believe that?!
This adorable temple worker who is like 80 or 90 saw on my names that I was from Moses Lake and she was from Walla Walla, and she gave me a big hug and now we are friends and she winks at me! It's so cute!
The church is true! I love all of you and this Gospel! I miss you all, but I think about my mission as the same as leaving my heavenly home to complete my mission on earth. It is a nice way to think about it! 
We had a super awesome Tuesday devotional and the speaker talked about how only 1/20 investigators/new converts had a meaningful experience with the Book of Mormon. Maybe you all already know this, but I thought it was awesome... They don't have meaningful experiences with the Book of Mormon because they don't understand what they are reading or how to apply it. Think about it, not many people read scriptures anymore or try to apply them to their lives! The speaker said missionaries should read the first 15 chapters with the investigators and explain hard words or concepts and show them how to apply the doctrines to their lives. Then we should have members help them read the rest of it! He suggested Book of Mormon reading classes if that would work better. Also the first chapter of 1 Nephi contains all the principles we teach in the first lesson! What a great review!  Christ is truly the foundation of the Gospel but the Book of Mormon is the Keystone. I know that the power that comes through reading and applying what is taught is what will change lives.  I challenge you to read the BOM together at home more or reach out and read it with someone, member or not, that has a hard time with it! It will bless both of your lives!
Have an awesome week! 
Christ is truly our Redeemer.
I'm working on not being selfish this week
Love Cectpa Natalia Tolley

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