Saturday, February 21, 2015

Week Piat! (Five)

Feb. 18, 2015
Dearest CemR (pretend that R is backwards, then it's Russki)
Where does the time go?! It's so crazy!!
This week was great! Thank you for all your Valentine's packages! The Valentine's and chocolate Costco almonds were THE BEST! Thanks Grandma and Robyn for the Cookies! They were sooo good!! And Megan: The Pictures of McCall are hanging on our room door! They are soooo adorable!!!! She is getting so big! The 4 sisters in my district had a party on Valentine’s Day! (aka, we ate a ton of junk and played go fish - in Russian ) hahaha! 
If I take one Russian class when I get back I can test out of 16 other credits and get As for those! Huge boost in my GPA! And there's a Russian Choir at BYU! I so want to do that! I love singing Called to Serve in Russian!!!
Our investigators, our Russian, and my own conversion is really progressing.
Funny story: Leda- who we are preparing for baptism, has a serious boyfriend. So we decided we needed to teach her the Law of Chastity. We taught the lesson and thought it went pretty well (it’s not very awkward, when you don't understand what you are reading! Haha! ) She comitted to live it, but we forgot to ask her if she was living with her boyfriend. Next lesson we did. She said she was but that she was moving out! Or that's what we understood. She actually said the opposite, she was moving in with him soon! Noooo! We had told her "oh that's so great!!" hahahahah! Whoops! We had to go over it again, and by the 3rd lesson of the Law of Chastity Leda was like "I get it!" hahaha!!! 2nd language probs.....
I'm praying at Tuesday's devotional! In front of a seventy or an apostle and the whole MTC AHH! Talk about Pressure! At least it's not in Russian...  Do I even remember how to pray in English? haha
Also I am the new Technology Coordinator of the zone- I give the new missionaries an orientation of how to use the language programs and stuff and tell them everything they can't do... haha! I'm happy to serve! The Lord gives us as much as we are willing to do!
I'm going to cut my hair shorter, like to my collarbone this week! I not ready for it to be long again!
I love this Gospel and the peace and joy it brings! Through Christ all things are possible. I truly believe that! For example, I can speak Russian!
I'm terrified of going to Russia in less than a month, but excited to get out into the field! Get people to read the BoM! It has all the answers!
Share the BoM with someone this week! Or your testimony of Christ! Thanks for being such a great example always of Christ like love!
Love Sister Tolley

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