Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Leda is getting Baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Funny stories:
I prayed at the devotional Tuesday and Elder Causse spoke! It was really cool! He and his wife Valarie are from Paris and lived there about the same time you served there mom, do you know them?  3 hrs.  before the devotional, at gym I got a volleyball kicked in my face.  I was like, of course this would happen to me, a black eye right before I have to pray in front of the entire MTC. So I iced it and thankfully I was fine! But... I couldn't hardly remember how to pray in English! My Russian prayers are soo fast now! I can hardly believe it! Oh and Sis. Brown go hit in the face three days before! What a companionship we make! haha!
I spilled a mop bucket of water all over myself and the carpeted hallway during service. The carpet smells really good now though!
One of our teachers challenged us to bear our testimonies in English one night to someone. I hadn't testified in English for a month! It was super weird, but it was a few minutes before lights out and I hadn't talked to anyone yet... so I called to a sister across the floor and asked if I could bear my testimony to her. She let me and it was so powerful! She was so touched that I would just share that with her! (I did think "I am a missionary.... It's what we do..." hahha) but we like became best friend's in that moment! We are challenged to testify more and more in our lessons, because that is really what brings the spirit! Even in lessons about the law of chastity! 

Testimonies are so powerful!! Pray for opportunities to share yours! I promise it will bless you and the lives of others! It will strengthen your testimony in huge ways!
Be bold!! You don't have to be on a mission to be a missionary. You promise to do that when you are baptized and take upon you the name of Christ. Share what makes you sooo happy! 
I love you all! I am really happy to be here ( but then it's just life and life is what you make it, so let's make it rock. ;)) 
Have a great week! Love Natalia!

The following is from a hand written letter, written the same day:

Dear Familia,

Time is flying by!  I leave for Russia in 2 1/2 weeks!!  Holy cow!  I'm really nervous but so ready to get out and teach!

I speak Russian at about the level of a 3 yr. old.  So that's cool!  Actually a 3 yr. old has me beat in the areas of colors and shapes and things, but I cant talk about the Restoration for days!  haha!

I'm meeting a ton of people who have siblings serving in Moscow right now, so that's way fun!

That's cool that Lecia Hinkson is thinking about going on a mission!  A lot of sisters here are 20.  But my companion is 21 and the old Sister Training Leader's was 21, and another sister is 23!  They are the best missionaries!  She is definitely no too old!

Sister King is finally here today!  I haven't met her yet but there are at least 5 sisters coming in today going there!  That makes 8 of us total!  Wahoo!  We got a district of 6 sisters, 0 Elders today!

Best part about praying at the devotional was that they said I was from Moses Lake!  Represent! 

I love and miss you all.  Thanks for all the letters!

CecTpa Tolley

P.S. I'm so fat. :(  But we started going to the 6 am workout class (are you amazed?)  the Gospel truly does change us! haha  Yoga tomorrow!  I'm excited!

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